Rate Point SCAM ratepoint.com is a ripoff stay away from Ratepoint

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Ratepoint.com hooks you with a great sales pitch. In reality, they stall, Do NOTHING they say they will, Even when you beg them to listen to you and ask them to please just do what you sold me, they don't deliver.

When you try to talk to someone at Ratepoint, they will then tell you, you can't have a refund or a FULL refund due to the TOS (Terms of Service) you signed.

They will tell you to complain to the Better Business Bureau.

Go ahead do it, but the BBB is failing the customer as well. They will NOT make Rate point satisfy their customers only recommend that they do so. Which they didn't in my case.

They offered me 1/3 of what I had paid them. They wasted 5 months of my time.



I ran 2 RatePoint 'Reports' today.

The first one I declined to check the "This is my business" box. I scored 68/100.

The second report I ran I *DID* check the "This is my business" box and I scored a 20/100.

So, my score is dictated on whether the person who receives the results is the business owner or not? That makes no sense.

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